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Equestrian Competition – What Must You Wear

girls wearing equestrian clothing

Wearing an equestrian clothing is not only appealing but also performance enhancing. You need to wear something that is flexible, safe and protective. They come in a variety of different styles and colours but the aspect necessary is to have a proper eye and understanding about them.

You first need to understand the basics that you must not forget.

The Helmet

Your dressage clothing will always remain incomplete, if you miss out on the helmet.  Should you fail, only a strong helmet with a shock absorbent lining can protect you from getting severely injured! The more you use your hat, the more it loses its property to protect you and thus must be replaced on time.

Here on Pikeur clothing, you could go for classic velvet hat or the jockey cap. The latter lacks a peak.

The Jacket

A jacket must be very protective. It must allow you free movement. These are of three types:

  • Hacking jacket
  • Hunting jacket
  • Show jacket

The trousers

The trousers that you choose must be tight around the lower part of the hind limb. Getting a protection on the inside part for the knee will be a great help. Pikeur clothing brings to you two different kind of breeches that can further be divided into various styles.

The gloves and the boots

Original leather gloves are very durable and therefore suggested for competitions.

For boots, you could choose the long riding or the short ones as per your requirement. For competitions, the long ones are recommended, but it all depends on your comfort.

You must be very careful while choosing clothes for a competition. You will need to consider aspects like safety, protection, comfort, and more. Remember to invest in premium quality apparel that fits you properly and are also comfortable.

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