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Akita Dogs Information For The Dog Lovers

If you are also one among the dog lovers, then you will love to own Akita dog which is commonly known as Akita Inu. This breed of dog is very affectionate with its family, calm and dignified that makes it a desirable pet for the dog lovers. As they originate in Japan, they have heavy coat and webbed paws that help them to survive in the chilly areas and in the snow. In Japan, there is a spirituality related with Akita dogs. So, Akita dog breed is considered as the national dog of Japan. If you also want to have this loving dog, then you can take help from the local breeder to know the best place from where you can buy the Akita. You can also take help from the Akita Inu breeders online to get an Akita dog for you.

Akita dog

Physical appearance of Akita dogs

This dog breed has a life span of about 10 to 12 years. Akita dogs are large, powerful and very alert. It has a broad head, small eyes, erected ears and a bushy tail that is curled over its back. These are the common characteristics of this breed of dog.  Small ears that are triangular in shape and lean forward towards the head is the main characteristic of this breed.  Like the cats, it is capable of self grooming. Hence, the Akita owners will have to pay less attention towards its grooming and will be able to maintain its good looks very easily.

Pick the Akita of your choice

There are basically two types of Akita. One is the original Akita that originates from Japan and the other Akita is of American standard. Both the dog breeds are completely different from each other in weight and size. American Akita is massive and has wrinkle free face. Japanese Akita male dogs have the weight and height of 32 – 39 kg and 64 – 70 cm respectively while the female dogs have weight and height of 50 – 65 kg and 58 – 64 cm respectively. The weight and height description of American Akita male dogs is 45 – 56 kg and 66 – 71 cm respectively while the females have 45 – 66 kg weight and about 61 – 66 cm height. Hence, you should check out which dog you want.

Temperament of Akita dogs

Generally, Akita dogs are quite, intelligent and fearless but sometimes, they are very aggressive with other animals and the dogs of the same breed and same sex. So, it is suggested no two male or female Akita should be left together.

Need of training

This breed of dog requires intense training while it is a puppy. Quality training will help these dogs to become socialize and friendly with the people and the other dogs. There are several training centers that are available across the globe that guarantee to improve the behavior of the dogs of all breed. But before sending your dog for training, you should gather enough details about the training center to ensure right training is provided to it for becoming a gentle and well mannered dog.

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